Kindergarten Tours

Kindergarten Tours


Almost all children in Denmark attend a day care centre while their mother and father are at work.

In Denmark we have a long and well-founded acknowledged education tradition for
children in day care, whether it be nursery, kindergarten or afterschool clubs.
Here the child is given space and time for play, and the child’s own initiative
is met with respect and interest. Likewise emphasis is placed on the child’s natural inquisitiveness
and own abilities on being able to do things for them selves.

Day care centres go back a long way and have a very special place in Danish everyday life.

The teachers and staff are highly educated and trained so that their professional identity
is well defined and recognised in society.

Through the years visitors to Denmark have shown great enthusiasm when being shown a day care centre
and have remarked on the Danish view of children seen through educational practice during early childhood.



There are many day care centres in Denmark where Danish traditions for early education
are maintained with pride, and we would like to be able to tell you about them.

We will do this by offering visits to day care centres and we welcome both
visitors to Denmark as well as Danes.

We have something that we are very proud of and we wish to show it to you!


Children in Denmark generally attend a day care centre:

Children aged 1-2 years – 91,2% of all children

Children aged 3-5 years – 97,2% of all children

Older children attend an after-school club both during term time and during school holidays:

Children aged 6-9 years – 85,4% of all children

(Danish Statistics no. 146, March 20th 2014)


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